For 30 years I’ve developed nationally recognized programs that set higher standards for effectiveness, efficiency, and pragmatic results. My innovative programs and sometimes unorthodox approaches are now studied and implemented throughout the world.  My entire career has been with advocacy organizations successfully winning awards, recognition and financial support for disenfranchised populations and groups. 

Micheal Elliot

Sharon has 20+ years experience in non-profit management and has won several national leadership awards including the Robert Wood Johnson Health Leader award, the Purpose Prize award and she has also been a Oprah Angel award recipient. She enjoys consulting with non-profits and traveling. 

Sharon Rohrbach

​​​Non-Profit Leadership


​​​​​Non-Profit Leadership Foundation


Robin is the CEO & President of Non-Profit Leadership Foundation. She has 20+ years experience in the non-profit industry and has worn many non-profit hats from Non-Profit founder to Executive Director to consultant and most spots in-between. In addition to working to make the world a better place through non-profits, Robin loves photography and travel.

Robin Kinney